Socity Communication

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ERsms provides a simple yet intuitive platform where society member can share their thoughts, Give opinion via Poll, get Notices, Events update, Broadcast Email/SMS and many more.


My Society

1. It shows complete general information about your society like No of things No.of flats etc.

2.It include society information like society Members list and their details information ,society managing committee,Society Vendors ,society assets,society general rules & general guidelines society staff, Flat Tentant information etc.
3.It makes society trasparant among all the members and all the general data are easily accessible.


My Flat

1.It shows your personal profiles , family information , vehical information etc.
2.You Can add your personal staff information have and visible to admin.

3.You can view your society billing, payments, balance amount in my accounting tab.
4.You can pay through app and got auto once to payment .
5.Hence ,you will be provided a dedicated space you can store your personal documents and gallery.


Society Contacts

> Here, you can get detail contact information of all the members.

> You get contact details of tentant of all flats, society vendor details , emergency helpline contact.


Notice Circular

> This features includes online notice board where active notices /circular displays to all the member

> Individual notice can be send to particular member .
> All notices 4 circular direction send on your mailbox and can be accessed on app.


Event Management

> It include the creation of on event by society or perticular member . You can set agenda, data time ,venue etc.

> You can send Inviting online to all member or you can select the invities , and card .
> Invitation can be send through email , app notification etc.
> You can set remainder for the event while creation.


Instant Poll

> This features provided quick organized and trasperant online polling mechanisum among the members of the society.

> Here you can get quick and real time and society can take decision in right and acceptable manner.
> This system speed up the decision making process over critical issue of the society.


Society Discussion

> This features provided online platform to discuss society matters using open forum with all the society members.

> You can respond any active forum through you app at any point of time.
> Email integration and notification with forum about new topic start.


Society Calendar

> Calendar highlights the important dates of the society and manage the remainder.

> In calendar you can view the events , meeting and notice etc.


Documents Photo Gallery


Vendor Management

> Here , society can add their own predescribed vendor details information and it visible to all the mission.

> Member can call the vendor firm have for their personal.
> Other suggested vendor list is also available of your society Location.


Classified Advertisiment

> This features facilitates a place when you can often your old staff things.

> Your Post will be visible to all the user of this application irrespective of society.
> Here, the option is available to hide /show of your contact details.


Jobs & Careers

> It provided of platform , when any one can post their post their job requirement, any other can search job according to their skill , exp field etc.

> This Features is visible across their application and give broad scope for job market enviorment and help to jobseeker.


Property management

> This features enable the users to search the property or post their property for buy sell or rent.

> Provides free listing for sell or rent across all the society users of the ERsms application.
> Direct contact to user who posted the listing without any intermediate agents.


Inventory Management


Email / SMS Broadcast

> Sophisticated broadcast services /application for email and SMS gateway.

> Our email and SMS is delivered it uses even registered DND.
> Various options to select recipients in all the module and it broadcast the same only to selected members / users.


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